Concrete Floors in Your Commercial Space

Floorlab's concrete operations can scale to any commercial size and finish requirements. Whether it's simply the removal of offensive existing surfaces (tile, laminate, linoleum, resins, epoxies) to produce a functional, practical surface, or transforming a freshly poured concrete floor into a masterpiece that rivals the art on the walls, Floorlab can offer a concrete preparation and polishing solution that makes sense for an unlimited range of business types.

Commercial spaces are especially challenging environments that strike a fine balance. They need to be tough, resilient and practical, yet they are often retail operations that send a strong message to customers and clients. They can range from garages, warehouses, art galleries, factories and big-box retail outlets to boutiques, salons, and living/working hybrid spaces.

No other surface strikes this balance – sheer practicality on one hand, dramatic interior design on the other – better than polished concrete.

Floorlab's commercial concrete polishing solutions deliver:

• Unlimited flexibility for small or large commercial environments
• Unlimited surface preparation choices
• Low maintenance costs
• A healthier work environment for your employees – better air quality
• Environmental responsibility – green process
• High durability – from foot traffic to large industrial machinery
• Better stain resistance

Concrete floors are durable and hard-wearing with minimal maintenance.

healthy concrete
The Economical Choice

Concrete floor restoration is a one-time process with very little production downtime and very little maintenance..